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Choosing the Best School for Your Child NOW (and not later)

Every parent wants the best education for their child. From public to private to homeschool, the options can be overwhelming! Taking finances into account can make parents feel even more backed into a corner.

The following tips are how we chose the best type of schooling for our three children.

1. Pray for Each Child

What works for one may not be best for the other children. The biggest mistake parents make is assuming that what works best for one child by default what works best for all children in the home!

Some children thrive in a public or private school environment whereas other children may flourish in a small homeschool.

The types of schooling can vary annually as well. Schooling that works one year may look different the next year. Give yourself flexibility to change for each child. 2. Research and Tour Schools EARLY!

Options can be limited when you wait until the last minute to begin your search. Charter schools, especially, require all enrollment documents submitted and entered into a lottery months prior to the end of the previous school year being applied to.

Create a calendar of open houses and school preview days the school year prior to the prospective enrollment year. This will allow time to tour, process the information and make a decision without feeling pressed for time.

If you are considering homeschool, attend homeschool conventions and review sample curriculum one year prior to the year actually starting.

3. Consider Your Family Morals

Kids spend up to 8 hours in school per day. Consider the importance of your family morals being reinforced (and not challenged). This can be especially important if considering schooling for young children whose moral compass is still in the building phase.

Education and schooling for your children is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Take the time to do the above tips in order to have time to make the best decision for your family!


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