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One Life

As believers of Jesus Christ we are called to live one life abundantly filled with success and prosperity, filled with His glory and favor to advance his kingdom. The one life we live and display on Sunday is the same life we are called to live Monday - Friday. We have created an ‘on and off switch’ when it comes to living a righteous life. On Sunday we praise God and sing Hallelujah but drive home with fits of road rage. We disrespect our spouses and loved ones but show up to church events with a smile on our face like nothing happened. On our jobs we complain and whine (even though we prayed for God to bless us with a job) doing the bare minimum just to get through the day. We cheat and lie on our tax returns then wonder why our finances and life are full of confusion and inconsistency. This ‘on and off switch’ causes us to be double minded - constantly living in a state of compromise. We have a relationship with Jesus Christ as our Savior but we also have a desire with a behavior that draws us away from him. These habits and behaviors are the fruit of an unstable heart and mind. As the body of Christ, how do we expect to be the light of the earth if our lifestyle looks just like the world?

‘Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do”

James 1:8 NLT

This is why many believers struggle with inner turmoil. We live one lifestyle of worship and another life satisfying the desires of our flesh. We can’t turn up on Saturday night drinking and partying and expect that not to be displayed in our lives. We never take a vacation from living for God. Vacations do not give us an excuse to turn up, drink or eat excessively. There may be someone you come in contact with who is watching your behavior to see what a true believer looks like. Until we as believers part ways with our fleshly desires, we will continually find ourselves in a state of inner turmoil. Even if it is one area that we compromise, Satan will use that to his advantage to get us double minded. Why is this so important to him? Satan knows that a fully surrendered believer is a force against him and God is able to work miracles through that person. Living one life for Christ does not mean He wants us to live boring, dull and unexciting lives. Truly living one live for God means abundance, prosperity and discovering your purpose that fuels your passion! So, how do we get back on track to living ONE life? We must fully surrendering our heart and mind to Jesus Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to convict and correct our habits and behaviors. Remember conviction is God’s way of protecting us from becoming double minded. Many blessings, Chrystal


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