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Parenting: Obligation vs Partnership

Remember when you found out you were expecting for the first time? You may have been surprised but pure joy likely resonated in your heart after some time. You were going to be a mom and you were elated! You could not wait to start buying clothes, looking up baby names and decorating the nursery. Ahhh, a time filled with much joy and expectation!

Fast forward a few years and those same times are filled with busy mornings, remembering to place labels on cups and bags, extracurricular activities and a big pile of laundry. If we don’t have the right perspective our children and family can seem less like a blessing and more of a burden or obligation.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord

offspring a reward from him”

Psalm 127:3-5

You mean to tell me that children are a reward? Yes and this includes everything that comes with them. I know we all know this subconsciously, but in daily life this can seem far fetched and not to mention exhausting!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters

Collosians 3:23

God is looking for us to partner with him in the raising of our children and to have joy in it! From the extra curricular activities, homework and dinner preparation we are to have the perspective that we are partnering with God and ultimately working on behalf of him.

It is God who ultimately has THE best plan for our children and ourselves. I know we all have times when we are flying out of the door in the morning and it shows in our appearance for the day but this should not be the norm! He does not want us worn out and barely making it!

God wants us to be cheerful, rested and able to enjoy this season of life. We don’t want to look back in ten years only to remember busyness and chaos. We want our children to know who we are and who they ultimately are without the compromise of busyness. We are the first examples of Christ in our home which should be reflected in our daily lives. We are simply the tool God is using to shepherd them much how ambassadors are sent by their home country to a foreign nation.

Although physically stationed in another country, ambassadors follow their home country’s guidelines, culture, and mannerisms. They do assimilate into the host country’s culture for relationship building but they know that they are sent with a purpose and to always follow the home country’s designated plan despite personal desires. Are you following God’s plan for the upbringing of your children? Or going by the fly or your own agenda in hopes that they will be raised properly?

Many parents are raising children to be employed in certain careers only

to find the child’s purpose was in something

totally different.

We are to build great relationships with our children but raise them according to God’s plan and not our own. Many parents are raising children to be employed in certain careers only to find the child’s purpose was in something totally different. It is our responsibility as parents as we raise and shepherd our children to hear clearly from the Lord to guide them successfully into their purpose. We all know of others who were influenced by their parents to take out student loans to obtain advanced degrees for financial benefits or security only to have discovered their true God given purpose years later after. Shepherding our children according to the person that wrote their book is the fail proof way to raise them.

The bible and holy spirit inspired books on parenting are tools God has given us through this process. You don’t want to get to heaven one day and say “Lord, I didn’t know how to raise my children that's why they turned out like this” when there are ample tools including those right on the phone available to us! Take advantage. You are not alone in this parenting journey. Your children are not an obligation but a true reward from the Father.

You are not superwoman but you do have a super God to partner with!


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