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Husbands Matter Too - Part I

Beginning with the onset of WW2, a woman’s role has transcended from solely working in the home to the marketplace. Our ancestors would not believe the roles that we have in the new millennium. From leading high profile corporate jobs, leading volunteer organizations and managing our families, our lives are much greater than the four walls of the home our ancestors only knew of. The fact that women can balance and multitask can blur the fact that men and particularly husbands are extremely important and actually have a place in our lives.

Although our times and roles have changed, God’s design for the family has not. The husband is to lead the wife and children and provide overall vision for the family’s purpose and overall well being. As women living in the new millennium we must ensure that we are allowing our husbands to take the lead in these areas and not try to do everything ourselves.

What is the help meet if she can do everything herself and no desire to meet the needs of her husband?

Let’s be honest. Society is pushing an agenda for men and husbands to be forced out of the family structure. Those who desire to be married need men to provide overall vision. Women are typically great at administering. We can make phone calls, keep up relationships, manage the budget, etc.

Can women do it all? Absolutely!

However there is value in submitting to a husband and allowing him to lead. The submission process is actually quite easy knowing that the husband has the final say. This does not mean that husbands and wives don’t discussion issues and relevant topics pertinent to their family. It simply means that the husband has the final say as he leads his family.

Don’t allow your husband to feel like he doesn’t have a place. There can’t be two alpha males in the home. To be quite honest, there is another women who would gladly like to fill in the place of an un-submissive wife.

You may be thinking “but you don’t know my husband. He has never given our family a vision”.

This is where the woman uses words of encouragement and affirmation to influence the husband. Especially if the man was raised in a home that did not cultivate family led by a man, it can be difficult initially for the man to take his place. Allow trial and error and seek counseling if needed.

The family operates best with each person operating at their core. The children within the home will be modeled this example throughout their lives and will mimic the behavior as they enter their adulthood. Talk about creating a generational legacy!

Ponder on this for a few days. We will discuss part two within the next week.


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