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Korean Skin Care for Busy Moms

After the birth of my third child my skin was a wreck! Not so much due to hormones but because I was busy. Taking care of two older children and a baby (and a husband lol) while working during the busiest season of my work year meant I was literally falling asleep with the baby before washing my face.

Eeeek! Any woman who has ever fallen asleep with make-up on two or more nights in a row knows that a pimple will be waiting for you at breakfast. The days I did wash my face I would grab the quickest soap within reach which was usually baby wash (I know don’t judge me!). Needless to say my skincare plunged to the bottom of list and oh did it show!

In addition to the make-up sleep pimple I now had redness, flaky eyes (almost crusted looking) and itchy skin. It was a disaster!

My makeup even looked terrible because my skin was out of control. I had to come to terms with the fact that I needed a skincare regimen that not only effective but affordable and simple. The last thing I wanted to do was to get hooked on an expensive product that I would side eye the price when I needed to re-purchase.

I search online for an effective solution and BAM I found Korean skincare!

The Korean skincare movement started years ago stemming from the flawless skin of Korean women. It's a multi step system of hydration building products to boost moisture into the skin. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical because of the labor intensive multi-step process but ultimately decided it was worth a try due to the hundreds of great reviews I read online.

I decided to go all out with the 10 step system but instead of purchasing a $200 set, I purchased the 10 products individually based on user reviews on Amazon for $115. Gotta watch my coins!

*Used weekly or as needed.

Now you may be thinking "this is a lot of steps for a busy mom!" Because each product isn’t used everyday it only takes me about 7 mins from start to finish on most days. Days I am using the scrub and mask I’ll do other things around the house while their processing on my skin.

The Result

Since starting in late May, my skin has made a 360 degree turnaround! Redness and blemishes faded within the first week and people began complementing me on how dewy my skin looked! From someone who dealt with eczema and acne the majority of their life, any skin compliment is worth sharing!

My skin feels totally hydrated and the routine has become my “me time” each morning and evening. I am also impressed in the fact that all of the products have lasted 3+ months. I use my Amazon points to replenish my products for free! It’s a win-win!


The initial purchase cost $115. I have been using the products for exactly three months and the only item I have had to replace was the serum. As of today this brings the monthly cost to about $40 per month but will be less as I still have over half a bottle left in some of the products. As a bargainista, this is a good bang for your buck due to the overall result.

Final Verdict

If you are a busy mom or woman that need structure to your skincare life it is definitely worth giving Korean skincare products a try for uber hydrated, soft skin! It’s budget friendly and gets the job done with minimal effort!

So cheers to great skin!



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