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Dating Your Spouse When You Don’t Have Time for Date Nights

Everyone is raving about setting time aside for a weekly date night. I am 100% on board with this but sometimes our schedule does not allow for a weekly date or we don’t have a babysitter. Not to mention the baby sitter three hour fee for three kids is just as much as the actual date. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that weekly date nights can get pretty pricey!

While we have family and friends who would watch our children for free (and they do!) we don’t want to be a burden to them. Who wants to wear out your welcome with your family!

This got me thinking that there had to be another option for the weeks when a date night did not permit!

1. Opt for frequent, mini dates

Instead of focusing on one 2-3 hour date per week, we focus on mini dates throughout the week. We actually prefer mini dates as we are staying connected throughout the week versus waiting until the end of the week. As we currently have younger children this often takes the form of an in-home coffee/tea date before the kids wake up 2-3 days per week.

I buy premium coffee, creamer and tea, play a coffee shop playlist on Youtube and it’s just like we are sitting in our favorite coffee shop.

2. Date via Text

This may sound elementary but everyone loves a sweet text. Sometimes however the texts husbands and wives exchange are filled with questions and statements like:

"Are the kids okay?"

"Call me."

"What is your ETA?"

"What's for dinner?"

"Don't forget about _______."

While these texts are usually necessary, the occasional sweet text is always welcoming! Coming from your spouse makes it even sweeter. There are tons of emoji’s and gifs that can add laughter and fun throughout the day to keep marriage lively!

3. Do something special

When life get busy it is easy for the day and marriage to become routine! Do something special for your spouse! Have lunch delivered, buy a small, meaningful gift or even writing and leaving a love letter in their work bag helps keep things alive!

My husband loves an unexpected lunch! Paired with a nice love note makes it even more meaningful! This is my go to when we get busy!

Sometimes the small, simple things keep marriage on fire! The key to remember is to date your spouse without feeling like you have to physically go out to do so! There are many alternatives available if you can’t squeeze in a date night!



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