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Outsourcing Your Life to Get More of Your Life

As a mom, wife, co-pastor and entrepreneur I know first hand what it’s like to come home to an empty fridge because I was too busy to grocery shop for the week! The added tasks of cleaning and laundering can turn a restful weekend into a chore driven days! Due to the rapid increase of technology people now have the luxuries of convenience that were once only available to the elite. Take advantage! Our family consistently uses the following services which has made a world of a difference for our home’s efficiency and productivity.

1. Grocery Delivery Service This service by far is my favorite! Grocery shopping with three kids definitely is not something on my bucket list. We order our groceries to be delivered weekly. This has two advantages: A. You are provided your total as you add items to your basket which prevents over spending B. You don’t have to leave your house. Grocery Pickup is also an option too which has a lower fee. We normally order delivery from Whole Foods Market for free because we are Amazon Prime members and Aldi curbside pick up via Instacart for $1.99 Trust me on this. Once you start you won’t ever want to step foot in a grocery store again. You can add items throughout the week as you notice they need replenishing as well as when you plan your meals. I love grocery delivery because it helps us stay in budget and not pick up added items we really don’t need. 2. Housekeeper & Laundry Service Keeping a clean house is one of my vices. I personally feel like I can’t focus when if the house is messy. I like things neat and straight however with a family with small children this can be challenging. Not to mention laundry for a family of five can pile up quickly! We hired a housekeeper who comes every other week. She is so kind and for a reasonable fee cleans our home AND folds and puts up all of the laundry for the week. My mood immediately lifts once I step into a clean home. We moved items around our budget to make this possible. It’s more of a mental thing for me and it works! I still lightly clean throughout the weeks (dishes, wipe down counters) however the housekeeper catches us up on laundry, mops the floor, bathrooms, etc. We love the fact that we are supporting her business as well! 3. Childcare This may be a no brainer for some people but when you have a flexible schedule or work from home, it may come across your mind that you can work while having small children at home. This can’t be far from the truth!

Placing your child in even part time childcare or hiring a nanny gives you time to just breath, attend non kid friendly meetings, allows time for work, or just to simply take a moment to yourself. As a new mother over six years ago with my first son I though it was crazy to place a newborn in childcare. I wouldn’t even let someone hold him without sanitizing their entire body let along placing him in childcare! Fast forward to the birth of our third child, we could not wait to get consistent adult time. Our schedules were busier than ever and we needed uninterrupted time to be productive and efficient with work, ministry, etc.

This turned out to be one of our best parenting decisions and she has thrived since starting childcare at six weeks of age. Our initial parental hesitations eased once we saw how well she transitioned and continued to thrive under the care of someone other than else. Throw out the mommy guilt. Be led by the Lord and give yourself the time you need. These three items have been lifesaving and allow us to actually spend the time we have enjoying one another!

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