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Proverbs 31 Challenge Day 7: Early Rising

“She rises also while it is still night

And gives food to her household

And assigns tasks to her maids.”

‭‭Proverbs ‭31:15‬

Have you ever risen from the night as soon as everyone else in the home was arising or minutes before your exit time to be in route to your destination? It can seem like the day is ahead of you and you are catching up not only in the morning but the entire day. You and the day are in competition to see who is going to have the upper hand.

The Proverbs woman understands the effectiveness and authority of rising early. This allows her day to become planned unrushed encouraging her to linger in the Lord's wisdom before familiar voices of the household fill the home. Calmness is key to beginning her day.

She is able to hear the wisdom of the Lord including what to prioritize for her personal and professional agenda, children’s school obligations and the needs of her husband. Rising early is how she “dot the i’s and cross the t’s” to ensure her and household needs are planned and met.

She goes a step further to divide the tasks she will take ownership of and the tasks she will outsource to others including maids, caregivers and other support systems (Hello Instacart!). Exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed are prevented by simply planning, allocating and outsourcing, allowing the day to begin from a place of physical and mental rest.

Using keen wisdom from the Lord, the Proverbs woman accurately prioritizes her day for the good of herself and household with grace and ease.

Fellowship Question

Are you an early riser? How has rising early helped establish authority and ease over your day?

Scripture: Proverbs 31:15

Bible Reading: Proverbs 7

Devotion: Early Rising


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