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Following Through with Financial Goals

Throughout the month we all shared our financial goals and learned tips to keep us on track. The initial energy to pay off debt, save or increase income however can fade. So how does one follow through successfully with their financial goals?

1. Become a 10% Tither I mentioned this during our debt free journey and it is a blessing if you are consistent in it. Malachi 3 states that the Lord will rebuke the devourer for the tither and that the Lord can be tested in this area. “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing That there will not be room enough to receive it. “ And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, So that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,” Says the LORD of hosts; “And all nations will call you blessed, For you will be a delightful land,” Says the LORD of hosts.” ‭‭Malachi‬ ‭3:10-12‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ 2. Determine What’s Important to You Make a list of the top 3-4 things that are important to you and your family and well as the things that aren’t so important. For example, your list could look like this: Important 1. Children’s education 2. Vacations 3. More time to spend with family & friends Unimportant 1. Cars 2. Clothing 3. Fine dining Having a list of important (and unimportant) things help keep the momentum going when you want to throw in the towel. It can be hard to stay focused when you don’t know what you are ultimately working toward.

3. Obtain an Accountability Partner or Group Having a group or individual to keep you motivated during the process can help avoid unnecessary spending. This should be a trusted person or group you can be fully transparent with.

4. Post your Goals and Progress Somewhere You Can See Create a chart with your goals and progress and post it on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror or anywhere you often look at. It's one of those out of sight, out of mind things so you definitely want to keep them in sight as often as possible!

5. Remember Everyone Starts Somewhere No matter how much debt you have or how low your savings account is, baby steps eventually turn into big steps. The sooner you start, the sooner you will reach your goals.

Every person that has made major financial moves sacrificed for an extended period of time in some form or fashion. The time is now to get focused and follow through on your financial goals! We will have a financial breakout session at our upcoming Proverbs 31 Woman conference in April! Registration details are located here. You have this! 💪🏽

Fellowship Question 1. What are some tips you have for others to follow through with their financial goals?

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