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May 28, 2016

Our children believe it or not are not just cute mini-me's of ourselves, nor accessories to tote around at the mall or class reunions. Our reasoning and ability to have children is to replicate ourselves as believers. God's command to be fruitful and multiply was not o...

January 2, 2016

The 20s and 30s of life can seem like a blessing & curse all at the same time. You are full of life, young, energetic and hopeful yet at the same time you may wondering where life is taking you. You see people around you starting new endeavors and careers, getting marr...

March 17, 2015

Recently my family and friends challenged ourselves to a 30 day water challenge requiring us to drink at least one gallon (128oz) of water everyday. During the 30 day challenge each person is required to document the changes felt physically and mentally as well as chec...

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